Sustainable Care & COVID-19: Technology Enabled Care Services and the pandemic: a catalyst for change

November 8, 2021

Sustainable Care Co-Investigator, Dr Kate Hamblin is joined by special guests Mark Allen, Head of Technology Enabled Care, Hampshire County Council and Alyson Scurfield, Chief Executive, TEC Services Association (TSA).

In this episode, Kate explores how the pandemic has been a catalyst for change for the Technology Enabled Care sector. Mark Allen gives great insight on how Hampshire County Council used technology during a time of unprecedented change and demand, reflecting on what the sector might learn from the crisis. Alyson Scurfield provides an industry-wide perspective on the pandemic’s impact for TSA members, TEC’s support to vulnerable communities and how the TSA supported the TEC sector with an intense outreach programme and obtaining key worker status for its workforce.


Links mentioned in/relating to this episode

  1. The joint ADASS-TSA Commission Findings and Recommendations – “How Can Technology Be Truly Integrated into Adult Social Care -
  2. The TSA Sector Insight Report -
  3. The TSA Leadership Report – strategic priorities for the TEC sector to 2025 -

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